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 The rigorous exercise that would normally accompany the KickStart eating plan was not suitable for me so instead, on Joanne’s advice, I simply walked briskly for 30 minutes most days and continued with my weekly Pilates class. I lost 2.4kg in the first week without feeling any tiredness or cravings. After three months of steady weight and inch loss, with changed eating habits based on KickStart recipes, I lost 15.5kg, exceeding my goal. My sleep and energy levels have improved dramatically. Oh... and I’ve got my waist back! Thank you Joanne for your advice, praise and encouragement!                           

J. Morris (Age 62) 

"Before finding Joanne, I had tried various diets exercise classes and had become very mind-set I would never be the size and shape I could be happy with. Now I am so pleased we have met and more than happy with the results of our team work! - Thanks, Jo."

--L Lawes, aged 41

 "I knew I needed someone to help me stay focused and give me the knowledge and encouragement to get the results I wanted and luckily that's exactly what you did! Every day you gave me positive motivation and helpful advice to make sure that I lost weight and inches and felt great too. I slept the best I have in ages and really loved the great comments family and friends gave me. You are magnificent, I love your classes, the 1-2-1 was amazing and I hope you go on to help lots of others to feel confident and on top of the world. Thankyou, Kelly x"

-- K Hacker, aged 43

"At 67 years old and 13½ stones I thought I would be fat forever.
When Joanne told me about her ‘Boot Camp’ I signed on.

I had an MOT with my doctor who gave the go-ahead. I pledged to give 100% commitment and stuck to it throughout the four weeks.

The first week was very hard as I felt weary and lethargic but I lost 3½ pounds.
The following week was not much better but again I lost 3½ pounds.

After that I had more energy and found the diet a lot easier. 
The third week I lost 1½ pounds and the fourth week 2 pounds - 10½ pounds in total over the four weeks.

People have begun to notice my weight loss and are very congratulatory.
I am continuing to eat sensibly and have now lost a stone - I want to lose another two. I now know I can achieve this - Yippee! I feel great!"

--Angie Hawker, aged 67

"I am delighted with my results and amazed at the 3.5 inch loss from my waist and to have lost 8lb in 26 days is amazing. I never would have achieved these results without you.
More importantly my craving for sweet things has diminshed and I think the reduction in caffeine has also reduced my hot flushes and definitely helped with my restless legs problem at night.
The 1-2-1 workouts have been great fun and you have targeted the areas that need work. Pilates has been a great insight too and now realise how important it is to have a strong 'core'.
I intend to carry on with the plan, I will continue to monitor my inch loss as this has been so encouraging and made me realise that inch loss can be more important than what the scales say.
A friend and I are right in the process of setting up our own business - I feel strong and confident that we can succeed now that I feel happier with myself. Doing the Bootcamp has shown that I can stick to something if I really try!
Your help, support and encouragement have been key to my success and I thank you for investing your time to help me."
--Alison Kinsella, aged 50


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