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Joanne's Fitness & WellbeingClasses 

Natural Running Coaching

Joanne's own experience with running, training & experiencing minor injuries has lead into looking a improving running form and technique.


Running Coaching is offered as a 1-2-1 or small group sesson involving Joanne assessing your running form and coaching a more postitive, natural running technique. Aiming to progressively change towards a more efficient running(injury preventing) style.


Initally your running technique will be assessed during the 1-2-1, filmed and discussed.


Joanne will then work with you performing running based exercises, release techniques and specific drills to effectively change your running gait for more efficient running style.


You will be prescribed functional exercises for strengthening and specific functional foam rolling for runners for you to perform pre & post run sessions.


Its a gradual 10-12 week neurological process for your mind and body. 


Course is 3 sessions (subject to travel costs)

up to Additional 3 people


Email for further details and to discuss your requirements


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